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Project description

Software-in-the-Loop was started in the sequel of the realtime operating system project Ambrosia. Ambrosia is the abbreviation for "A Modular Basic Realtime Operating System In Automotive units".

Ambrosia is a realtime operating system which has it's focus in embedded controllers for control units in automotive applications like gear and engine control. For this Ambrosia was developed with two main goals. First, Ambrosia should use only a minimum of resources and second, it should provide services especially used in the area of control units for automotives like angle based syncronisation.

Apart from that, in the development of embedded software one of the harder tasks is testing. Due to the very limited debugging facilities, the software engineers do a hard job in analyzing the software that is running on a particular controller. One of the common methods to solve this problem is 'Hardware-in-the-Loop'. With this method, a simulative environment is built for the software under test. The software runs on the (modified, of course) target hardware.

The basic idea with 'Software-in-the-Loop' is the same, except that all runs on standard PC hardware. The target hardware is simulated and the software unter test runs on that simulated hardware. Also the environment simulation runs in software. This approach allow one to use cheap PCs for testing the embedded software instead of costly Hardware-in-the-loop testbeds and in-circuit-emulators, which often also pose availability problems.



*Research assistants  email
    Michael Bodmann (master's thesis)
    Thomas Schulz (master's thesis)



Related work



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